About HouseChurch.nl


Are you looking for (primarily) English-language Christian fellowship in Amsterdam, Holland? If so, you’re welcome to visit our Home Fellowship. (‘Primarily’ because some Dutch is spoken as well, though you are more likely to hear ‘Denglish’ – that perculiar combination of Dutch and English expats here are known for…).

We’re a small group of evangelical Christians from different nationalities, walks of life and/or denominational backgrounds. We invite locals, expats, tourists – and those merely passing through Amsterdam on their way elsewhere – to fellowship with us.

We are relationship-oriented, and our meetings — which take place on Tuesday evening — are informal.

We do not have ‘professional’ ministers, long-winded sermons or endless prayers. Instead, we chat, discuss a Bible passage together, worship, pray for one another, and from time to time share something to eat: simple Christian fellowship.

We look to the New Testament church as a pattern for our fellowship, providing a nurturing community centered around mutual love, accountability and shared life.

Again, this is a small fellowship – small enough to fit in a living room.

Often people who meet with us are in Amsterdam for a limited period of time – either as expats, tourists, business people, or even just on a layover.

Others join us for a few weeks or months because they need a ‘time out,’ are in-between churches, or simply need a safe place to ‘park’ for a while.

But we’re mindful of the fact that Jesus said, “Where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.”(Matthew 18:20).

Everyone is welcome.