Public Transport (From Central Station)
Take bus 35 or 38

  • Bus 35

    Take Bus 35 from Central Station (front, right-hand side of the station) to Bus Station Molenwijk. That’s the final stop on the route). When you debark, the rear of the bus will be pointing in the direction of the ‘Spinnekop’ building).

    The trip takes about 30 minutes.

  • Bus 38

    Alternatively, take the main ferry behind Central Station to Buiksloterweg (right across the water). Make sure you take the ferry at the landing marked “Buiksloterweg,” instead of one of the smaller boats. Just follow the biggest crowd and you’ll be fine. Across the water, you’ll see a cafĂ©. The bus stop is directly across from it. Note: Bus 38 services two destinations from here, the middle-point of its traject. Take the one that says Molenwijk on the front. Bus Station Molenwijk is the final destination. When you debark, the rear of the bus will be pointing in the direction of the ‘Spinnekop’ building (Note that for some reason the name ‘Spinnekop’ is not marked on the building itself…).

    The trip takes about 20 minutes.

Public Transport (From Sloterdijk Station)

  • Bus 36

    Take Bus 36 at the bus station. Ask the driver to alert you at the Molenwijk stop. When you debark, cross the street to the bus station. You’ll see two small buildings (a library and a pharmacy), with a path in between them. Take that path, and you will look straight at the Spinnekop building.

    This trip takes about 15 minutes.

    Time Table (Select direction “Banne Buiksloot” and look for the “Molenwijk” stop.)

By Car

  • From the A10, take S118, direction South. Cross Molenaarsweg (traffic lights), and continue on Stellingweg. On your left hand side you will see a park with high-rise buildings. That is Molenwijk. Continue on Stellingweg till you pass a Shopping center on your left hand side. At the corner, you will see a high rise building. Turn left, and then turn left again into the parking lot.